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Key Features
  • Hi-Tomi (Hindrance, issues, Task, observations, Mini project and Ideas).
  • Streamline task creation & assignment to responsible persons.
  • Approval from the task raiser for completion of any assigned task,
  • Notifies the overdue Tasks
  • Reassignment of tasks and separation of tasks into subtasks.
  • Department wise, person wise Hi-Tomi generation & closure reports.
  • Dynamic Dashboard with real time data.
Major Business Benefits
  • Tracking the Tasks in best effective way so that priorities being attended on time.
  • Improved Time Management by prioritizing employee’stasks
  • Tracking the task assignments and progress for completing work on time.
  • Provides real-time reporting and analytics that can help in data-driven decisions.
  • Notification & Alerts for overdue task

We Achieved

Complete Software Customisation
Software service implementation
Streamlined software training process
Data security including backups

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