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Key Features
  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking.
  • Order Management Manages Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and Work orders.
  • Stock Valuation with Item Ageing Analysis Report.
  • Stock Verifications & Reorder Point Alerts
  • Stock Verifications & Reorder Point Alerts
  • Warehouse/Storage Location Rack/ Bin Management
  • Multiple type of Stock Adjustment
  • Material Return to Supplier/Godown.
  • Item Expiry Report with FIFO/LIFO Management.
  • Stock Valuation Form ( Last Purchase Date, Landed Rate, FIFO Rate).
Major Business Benefits
  • Sales growth by managing stock.
  • Get stock-out alerts to manage your inventory easier.
  • Materials receipt note (MRN) against delivery challan.
  • Complete financial evaluation & analysis of stocks presented in inventory.
  • Generate alerts when inventory levels fall below a specified level, allowing businesses to reorder stock in a timely manner.
  • Real time management of multiple stocks at multiple location.

We Achieved

Complete Software Customisation
Software service implementation
Streamlined software training process
Data security including backups

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