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Our goal of an ERP solution is to provide a centralized and unified view of all business processes, data, and resources across the organization, allowing for greater efficiency, collaboration, and informed decision-making.

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Make your business simpler, faster & more profitable with IYRO ERP

We aren’t just an ERP software provider. We provide you solutions that make a difference.

Customizable Modules

IYRO ERP offers a variety of customizable modules that can be tailored to fit your unique business needs. From financial management to inventory control, you can choose the modules that are relevant to your business and customize them to fit your workflows and processes

Real-time Analytics

With IYRO ERP, you can access real-time analytics and reporting features that provide insights into your business operations. You can track key performance indicators (KPIs), generate reports, and get a better understanding of your business's overall performance.


IYRO ERP's automation features help businesses reduce manual errors and redundancies. From automated order processing to invoice generation, you can automate key processes and workflows to save time and resources.

Cloud-based Solution

IYRO ERP is a cloud-based solution, meaning that you can access it from anywhere, at any time. With our solution, you can easily manage your business operations from multiple locations, giving you the flexibility to work remotely or on the go.

Happy Clients Feedback

IYRO ERP Success Stories: How Our Clients Achieved Their Business Goals with Our Software Solution

I am thrilled with the performance of IYRO ERP! Since we implemented this cloud-based solution, our business operations have become much more streamlined, efficient, and error-free.

Mr. Kumar Sourav

I can confidently say that IYRO ERP has revolutionized the way we do business! With its cloud-based platform and powerful features, our business has been able to streamline our processes.

Mr. Manoranjan Prusty

I have been using IYRO ERP for several months now, and I am blown away by the results! This software has exceeded my expectations in every way, from its ease of use to its flexibility.

Mrs.Babita Singh

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