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Gain complete visibility and increase your business revenue by 4X with IYRO ERP Software

IYRO ERP Software

Key Features Of Our ERP System

  • Automate various business processes, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency
  • Streamline all your business operations
  • Automate your Sales Process with CRM Solutions
  • Improved order processing, inventory management, and timely deliveries
  • Increase security measures and centralized data management
  • Manage your Cost of Raw-material and Semi-Finished products and Goods
  • Complete process from project planning to successfully delivered
  • Prevents equipment downtime and reduces maintenance costs
  • AI based GPS-tracker to live track and manage your field employees with a map view
  • Keep track of asset movements around the company & reduce Mis-management of assets
  • Streamline task creation & assignment to responsible persons
  • Payroll management which includes attendance breakup, salary processing, incentives, allowances & performance appraisal

Our Happy Customers

We've been fortunate to contribute to our clients' achievements, assisting them in increasing their annual business revenue through our powerful ERP system.

Our Happy Customers

knr Integrity
Abhisek Contech
Brace Infrastructure
Surya International

Why Choose Us

We aren’t just an ERP software provider. We offer solutions that help your business thrive in this competitive digital world.


Our ERP solution is easy to customize that can meet your business specific needs

Third party

With IYRO ERP, you can easily integrate third Party API and applications within your own servers


Our ERP is budget friendly, every business can adapt to enhance productivity


From automated routine tasks to order processing, eliminate manual tasks and avoid errors


Get real time view on operations, data and employee activity to enable better decision-making


Easily access our ERP solution from anyplace and anytime, all you need is internet connection


One ERP system enabling your entire business teams to work together


Works for any team size or industry, with simple-to-use and easily customizable features


All your organizational data is safeguarded and secure through our ERP solutions

Erp System

Case Studies

I am thrilled with the performance of IYRO ERP! Since we implemented this cloud-based solution, our business operations have become much more streamlined, efficient, and error-free.

Mr. Kumar Sourav


I can confidently say that IYRO ERP has revolutionized the way we do business! With its cloud-based platform and powerful features, our business has been able to streamline our processes.

Mr. Manoranjan Prusty


I have been using IYRO ERP for several months now, and I am blown away by the results! This software has exceeded my expectations in every way, from its ease of use to its flexibility.

Mrs. Babita Singh


Customized ERP Solution for Growing businesses

We help businesses streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and unlock new levels of productivity. Let our ERP system propel your business growth 10x better.

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Industries We Support

Explore the diverse spectrum of industries that benefit from our ERP Solutions. From manufacturing to healthcare, our ERP system caters to the unique needs of each sector, fostering growth, efficiency, and success.

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Questions you may be asking

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is designed to automate the business process and effectively manage business data, such as production, finance, HR, operation management, Sales and administration to streamline business processes. It helps businesses to get better insights on data and manage them at a single platform by combining your entire business across a single platform.

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

ERP solution is designed to effectively handle the entire business process and operations. However, to choose the right ERP solution, you need to look after few things:
  • Understand your business needs and goals
  • Research and compare different ERP systems before purchasing your ERP.
  • Make notes on the positive points and drawbacks of the system, and choose the one that fits with your business.
  • Go for the one that offer long-term support and maintenance

IYRO ERP is considered as the best ERP for the Real-Estate industry as it is a user-friendly solution, cost-effective, it offers modular solutions that can be integrated over a single platform, and it is developed with the latest technology.

IYRO ERP is a cloud based ERP solution, which is cost effective as it eliminates the upfront cost of hardware and software acquisition. Our cloud-based solution is adaptable and flexible as it can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Yes, we can access IYRO ERP from anywhere, anytime and on any device with internet connection.

Yes, we can easily access the IYRO ERP solution on our smartphone with an internet connection.

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